Are There Any Additional or Hidden Charges?

All of the hosting packages that 365hosts offer, come complete with 24x7 support. 

Everything is offered as a managed service. This means we will handle all admin tasks such as software upgrades, and there is no charge levied for any tech support of general server administration tasks.

We Do Charge for Bespoke Work
The only time we will charge you for anything we do, is if you ask us to take on tasks that fall outside of our standard tech support offering.
For example, if you have a problem with your website and we didn't build the site and you require us to fix it, Examples of this could be making changes to your CMS code, modifying CMS themes, helping you install OpenVPN, etc.

We Believe in Providing Value
365hosts does not compete on price. We have no intention of being just another low budget web hosting service, offering questionable performance and shoddy support services.
We charge that little bit extra, so that you, the client, have an exceptional experience using our products and services.

Our technical support team is always available round the clock to help you. We can assist you in installing SSL certificates, configuring your Cloud hosting, or with any other issues, you might have. 


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