IP Re Route -

Dear Customers,  On January 3rd 2021 - 23:00hrs We are re-routing traffic to optimise, improve and ensure future network stability.We expect the work to be completed by January 4th - 03:00hrs Accounts routed to the following IP: update A records to use server IP: This is a permanent re-route to better load ...

SMS marketing

We are delighted to announce 365Hosts has partnered with the UK's major mobile carriers to deliver instant SMS marketing.  With the recent GDPR restrictions posed on email campaigns more and more companies are turning to SMS marketing, this is instant and direct, we typically see a very quick return on investment if you are running e-commerce or ...

La1 Re - Route complete.

Our LA1 Re Route is now completed and the network is stabilising. 

All DNS will totally settle within 48 hours.

Thank you for your patience if this necessary work has impacted your service, 

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.



Thanks for choosing 365Hosts


Kind Regards,

Team 365Hosts

Cluster Re Route > /

Dear customers From 10th January 2021 - 23:30hrs  We are progressively replacing our cluster servers with more power variants on the 10G network. This does involve an IP Re route so if you are using either of the following IP's / Please update these to the new network clusters at:NS: ns1. ...