365Hosts acquires Stone Hosting

We are delighted to announce our most recent acquisition, Stone Hosting. A hosting company that offers Shared, VPS and Dedicated Servers along with radio hosting which we are interested in continuing to grow, we find Stone Hosting to be a company that promotes similar services to our own and is based in the UK with a long track record of providing web hosting services.

Stone Hosting falls very well into our acquisition criteria and will be a valued addition to the group. 

As of April 2020, Stone Hosting has now completely migrated into the UK based 365Hosts Servers, Stone Hosting services will remain largely undisturbed, our migrations team has now completed the work and cross-checked every site, the few which have custom name servers have received tickets for DNS updates. 

365Hosts Director Chris Withington says of the recent acquisition “The services that Stone Hosting provides are very similar to that of 365Hosts which always makes these acquisitions smoother for the team and clients, it's great to have the opportunity to make this purchase it will strengthen our UK presence. On this occasion, we have made the decision to completely merge it with 365Hosts as the services are so similar and managing multiple brands and client portals can be a logistical nightmare, to that end this means anyone who is a client of Stone Hosting can log in to 365Hosts account area and operate as they would normally with the same login details.”

The care of our customers, both new and old is a core 365Hosts value, we strive to offer technical support 24/7, and understand the importance of making sure the services we offer are an asset to our clients and to their business.

We would like to offer a warm welcome to all Stone Hosting clients and hope you to continue business relationships with you for many years to come.

In terms of change, the following adjustments along with additional benefits have been made for Stone Hosting clients to fall more in line with our own business principles and objectives.


  • Fast track support tickets are no longer charged for.
  • Service charges have all been axed, you will no longer see theses fees added to invoices.
  • All SSL certificates are complimentary and on auto-renew, (we will be contacting those who are paying currently)
  • All mail is relayed via thousands of IP's (365Relay) to ensure all mail goes delivered.
  • Limits are being lifted on all mailboxes inline with actual hosting account limits.
  • Billing will be invoiced on the day it is due rather than in advance.
  • Live chat is standard and 24/7
  • No charges for small website edits (within reason)
  • Failover DNS to ensure maximum uptime on all services
  • Server-side caching as standard
  • WAF (web application firewalls) as standard.

The above along with many additional benefits will be evident over the coming weeks.

If you require further information surrounding this news please raise a support ticket on 365hosts.com

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