cPanel Hostname SSL – Force cPanel to check SSL Certificates

cPanel will now regularly check the sites on your cPanel server to ensure all sites have a free all certificate deployed and available to use. cPanel will also check your server’s hostname to see if a valid certificate is installed for your users to use. If there is no valid certificate installed on the server then your users will see the default warnings about insecure connections and self-signed certificates when visiting the cPanel login for WHM or cPanel.


Each night cPanel will automatically call the file /usr/local/cpanel/bin/checkallsslcerts which will check all sites on the server for active SSL certificates. If you have the option “Replace invalid certificates” ticketed in the AutoSSL options inside WHM then cPanel will replace any invalid certificates.

Manually force a check of all SSL certificates & cPanel Hostname SSL 

You can also call this file manually by logging in to an SSH session as the root user and issuing


This will force cPanel to check all sites SSL certificates and that your server has a valid hostname certificate installed. This will also install then allow secure login connections to WHM and cPanel for your users without any annoying warnings.


Once you run the above command you will receive an email with the certificate key.

Go to WHM > Service Configuration > Manage Service SSL

Then Paste the, followed by Autofill by certificate.

Once you click to install the SSL will start to reflect on the hostname.

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