What is Extended Validation SSL?

What is Extended Validation SSL?

Extended Validation SSL (EV SSL), is the top class of SSL certificate that is currently available to website owners, to validate their site identity and to encrypt all data. When you use an EV SSL certificate to protect your site visitors, you are building trust and credibility. Upon landing on your site, the visitor will see that the URL bar has a solid green section to the left, saying the site is completely secure. This has a far more visual impact than a standard SSL certificate, which just shows the lock icon.

Upgrade from Standard SSL to Extended Validation SSL

A standard SSL certificate enables full encryption between a web server and a browser session. An EV SSL certificate does exactly the same thing. However, an EV SSL certificate requires that the company using it has been fully validated. This additional commitment to the security of their site visitors, and in keeping personal data safe at all times, has real-world value. It translates into a massive boost in trust.

Why Use an Extended Validation SSL Certificate?

When you use an EV SSL certificate to secure your site, you are telling the world that you take data privacy and cyber security very seriously. And that you want people to know that you are willing to go that extra mile to ensure that their data is kept safe at all times. The visual impact of seeing a fully authenticated and validated SSL certificate light up in the browser URL bar is tangible.

Useful Links:

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If you lack the technical knowledge to install your own EV SSL certificate on your shared hosting, or VPS hosting, then all you need to do is contact the 365hosts tech support team. They can help you to get your EV SSL certificate up and working rapidly.

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