We offer fully managed hosting solutions to the world, from shared cPanel hosting to the latest NVMe dedicated servers, If you are unsure what you require we are always available on live chat to guide you.

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cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting


Virtual Private Servers

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

cPanel Hosting

cPanel Hosting


Virtual Private Servers

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting

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Reasons to choose 365Hosts

24/7 Technical Support

For all our hosting packages, we provide 24/7 technical support free of charge and complimentary migrations, we are here round the clock to ensure you have a hassle free hosting service.

Softaculous Included

Our packages include Softaculous which allows you to install hundreds of popular scripts instantly in one click. There is a wide array of categories so that everyone can find the required script they need to power their website.

Security & Data Protection

Security is our priority. The trust that our customers and partners place in us is paramount. Security is at the core of our focus and attention, at every level of our organisation and infrastructure. We live amidst a global threat that is increasingly sophisticated and dangerous. To seize this challenge, we put security at the forefront of our activities, across the 130 countries where they are available.

Power & performance guaranteed


We only use powerful Intel Xeon E3 or E5 processors. Our configurations of these processors range from Single quad core E3 processors all the way up to Dual 20 Core E5 processors. These cpus have some of the best benchmarks out there!

Powerful Network

365Hosts have 20Tbps fiber-optic network capacity, with data centers globally we are able to handle large volumes of data. Along with links being at least doubled at every routing point, we build our infrastructure to optimise for stability, redundancy and availability. Real-time status, ping testing, and anti-DDoS.


365Hosts utilises light virtualised environment allowing us to isolate users from each other. This isolation allows us to control resource usage and unlike traditional shared hosting prevents other users from seeing each other on our server's.

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FREE Migrations

There is a whole stack of reasons you may wish to move from your current web hosting provider, usually down to lack of customer support or poor service. We can migrate emails, CRM systems, along with most other online data FREE of charge in a timely and efficient manner.

Live Chat

Enterprise Server Backups

We know just how important it is to have the ideal disaster recovery plan in place and with this must-have feature, you will be confident that you are covered in any eventuality. You can choose to restore an entire account at once or a singular file, just select backup VPS on the checkout.

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24/7 Customer Support

Fully managed hosting solutions coupled with 24/7 dedicated technical support.

IonCube Loader

All servers using cPanel have IonCube loader installed as standard along with a host of other features.

cPanel Authorised Partners

If you need to upgrade your WHM server licenses, we can faciliate the license upgrades in house very quickly.

PHP Selector

All of our Linux servers enable you to select variable PHP versions direct from cPanel without needing to reboot.

State-of-the-art 3 Tier Data Centre

Routed through 100Gbps dark optical fibre connected to the national internet exchange over 40Gbps uplink.

Apache Server

Apache with PHP-FPM as standard on all Linux servers which is comparable to Lite Speed, without the cost associated.

Some of our products

cPanel Hosting

The perfect plans to get you started at great prices, all of our shared hosting plans boast reliabilty.

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Reseller Hosting

Give your web hosting company the right start with our reseller plans, coupled with 24/7 support.

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SSD VPS is the perfect leap between shared & dedicated hosting, giving you scalabilty and performance.

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Windows Shared Hosting

Windows and ASP. Net shared web hosting.

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Dedicated Servers

When you need optimum performance and uptime, our SATA, SSD & NVMe servers are the number one choice.

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Enterprise Server Backup

Recovering your data with R1Soft Continuous Data Protection is fast and simple.

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Customer Care

Customer Care

We understand our customers' needs and have worked tirelessly to create an unparalleled customer support service. Our ethos is to bring your website to the world, and taking care of your needs is what is at the heart of 365Hosts. With our expert support available around-the-clock, we can offer immediate assistance to those unpredicatable technical hiccups and glitches you may face. We ensure that all problems, no matter how big or small, are rapidly dealt with so you don't have to stress.

We offer our customers a number of ways of keeping in touch with us: live chat, phone or ticket.

We also offer our Knowledgebase hub which is home to useful articles relating to web hosting.


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How 365Hosts Expanded its European Hosting Footprint by Prioritizing Client Relationships and Responsive Customer Support

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We're better, here's why

There are numerous web hosting companies out there. They all say that they are the leaders in web hosting and that you should host with them. We understand where they are coming from. However, we want to show you why we're the right fit for you and ultimately your web hosting requirements.

We've been providing web hosting and bespoke services for a long time - if something can be broken then it's a good bet that we've already fixed it for one of our customers.


We have complied a list of frequently asked questions that will help you make an informed choice about our plethora of hosting services.

Web hosting is having space online to house your website and serve it to any visitor who comes to view it. A website's hosting and all its related functions are taken care of by another company (like us!). This is to alleviate any worries regarding technical glitches which can unexpectedly happen. The website hosting company will ensure you are up and running always.

Here at 365Hosts , we understand the power of web hosting and know just how important it is for a website to be connected to the world. If a website goes down due to poor internet connection or a power outage, this could be bad news for traffic and potential sales. 365 hosting ensures to move website hosting forward so that websites always stay online with our superpowerful servers.
365Hosts; Head Office and support department is based In Staffordshire UK, and we provide web hosting services worldwide.. Connect with us here: Contact
Our servers are based in the UK, USA, Germany, Singapore, France, Australia & Poland.
We also focus on increasing your website's visibility on search ranking engines like Google. Implementing our SEO Services will help you climb to the top of the page so visitors notice you before other competitors. Check out what we offer here: SEO Services

Yes! After payment has been authorised, your selected service will be up and running as of immediate effect. Our Dedicated Servers can take up to 48 hours.

Don't worry if you change your mind. All of our services come with our 30 day money back guarantee. There are no troublesome contracts either. Once your 30 days are up, we will continue to provide you with the best web hosting service you can find.
Of course everything has its limits, we don't provide unlimited bandwidth because no one can but it is unmetered and we ask you don't abuse this.
We have composed a wealth of information based on web hosting explained in bite-sized chunks. Click here to explore our Knowledgebase world packed full of useful articles to help guide you through your hosting journey.
We are a business web hosting provider to the following clients: individuals, web designers, agencies, small, medium and large companies. Our Web hosting UK customers also extends internationally too. So, no matter where you are located in the world, we can help you.